Marble River Hatchery

Marble River Hatchery

Friends of the Marble

NVISEA partners with the Friends of the Marble River Society to operate the Marble River Hatchery. This facility operates under the Department of Fisheres and Oceans Salmonid Enhancement Program's Public Involvement Program (PIP). The Friends of the Marble River Society is Northern Vancouver Island's largest volunteer organization oriented toward salmonid enhancement, stewardship and habitat restoration.

Deb with Chinook

Male Chinook broodstock

The group boasts 105 members with affiliations throughout the North Island, in forestry, fisheries, conservation and First Nations communities.


Marble River Hatchery incubation includes fifty-seven Heath tray stacks with chilled water capacity for otolith marking. For juvenile rearing, the Marble Hatchery utlizes five 12' circular tanks, three 3' by 15' raceways and seven Capilano troughs.

Candy with eggs

Adding Chinook eggs to the Heath Tray

The backbone of Marble River chinook rearing is the hatchery's gravity fed engineered rearing channel. This channel is split into two separate flows, with each side having three segregated sections. Solar powered automated feeders reduce volunteer labour requirements. The channel mimics natural rearing with its gravity fed Marble River water source, forested setting and cobble substrate.

Some of the Marble River chinook fry are raised to smolt size at this sea site in Quatsino

The Marble River Hatchery is exceptional in scale compared to other PIP facilities. Marble River chinook production targets are one million smolts, while coho targets are 200,000 fry and 50,000 smolts.