Stewardship & Education


Public interaction and facility tours are NVISEA's focus during our summer season. The close proximity of the Quatse River Hatchery to the District of Port Hardy's community trail, campgrounds, hotels and the marina make our facility a high profile destination.

Tours are conducted regularly at The Salmon Centre

Both tourists and residents are welcome and encouraged to learn about the British Columbia salmon resource.

For more information about hatchery tours and the Quatse Salmon Stewardship Centre, please visit

Salmonids in the Classroom

Student prepares to release fry raised in the classroom

As school commences in the fall, NVISEA prides itself on our involvement with DFO's Salmonids in the Classroom program. This program is directed at elementary school students, principally grades one through three. The program involves the students participating in a hatchery tour and coho spawn, then incubating fifty of the eggs in a classroom aquarium. After the eggs develop to fry, the students release them to their home river. Fifteen North Island schools are currently involved in the Salmonids in the Classroom program

Public Involvement Projects

Quatse River Hatchery staff offer technical support to community volunteers involved in DFO's Public Involvement Projects (PIP). Our region has a number of PIP facilities, five of which are assisted by NVISEA staff. These facilities range from Woss to Holberg on the North Island and include Warner Bay on the mainland.

Community Watershed Planning

In order to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the salmonid resources that exist on the North Island, NVISEA participates in watershed and coastal planning meetings with community representatives. NVISEA was involved with the 2003 Watershed-based Fish Sustainability Plan for the Nahwitti River, the 2004 Quatisno Sound Coastal Plan and the 2005 Cluxewe River Watershed-based Fish Sustainability Plan.